Our Fleet

Our current fleet features four distinct blends. See the descriptions below to discover the perfect cider for you!

  • Tornado

    We have blended four of our principal apples to make this delicious sparkling cider. Bramley, Dabinett, Michelin and Ellis Bitter give this fast paced cider a beautiful aroma, colour and taste.  At 5.6% it's a wonderful drink, best served chilled.

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  • Protector

    Protector is a fine blend of three of the most versatile cider apples in our Orchard, Ellis Bitter, Dabinett and Michelin. At 5.7%, this cider packs a punch.  It has a clean fresh taste, wonderful aroma and golden colour.

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  • Vulcan

    This beautifully blended cider contains an explosive blend of Bramley, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Major to make a suberb drink at 5.9%

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  • Hurricane

    We have selected only three of our best apples during the 2023 vintage year.  Sweet Coppin, Major and Yarlington Mill to make a fantastically tasting, but surprisingly strong (7.4%) cider

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We make all our cider from apples grown in our own orchard. We have documented all our processes.

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