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Nimrod Still Cider 7% - 35 Pint Bag in Box

Nimrod Still Cider 7% - 35 Pint Bag in Box

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The Nimrod was primarily a Maritime Patrol Aircraft operated by the RAF from 1967 - 2011.  During its service life, the Nimrod conducted missions such as Anti Submarine and Anti Ship warfare.  It also held a 24 hour Search and Rescue Standby role 365 days a year.


The Nimrod is one of our favourite RAF aircraft, as one of the owners of Ad Astra Cider served on one of the Nimrod Squadrons.  Therefore, we used a blend of our favourite apples.  The wonderful Browns Apple, and Somerset Redstreak.  No wonder this cider was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2022 British Cider Championships.

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